Energetska obnova bolnice Križine, KBC Split

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4 Q-ton’s installed in Dalmatia, Hospital KBC Križine

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Hospital KBC Krizine Supply of sanitary hot water Analiza
4 x MHI 30kW Q-ton system utilising existing tanks 


In late summer of 2015 a major energy improvement program was completed at the Hospital KBC Križine. This is the largest medical centre in Dalmatia. KBC Split provides specialized medical care for inpatient as well as medical research.

The energy usage improvement of the building was financially supported by the private investor ESCO company, Rudan Žminj Istria. The use of renewable energy equipment for this project was essential to secure the greatest running cost savings and the best return on investment. The Q-ton solution from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was the preferred choice to replace the outdated oil boiler system.

Four Q-ton units were contracted by “Analiza” who were responsible for the installation of the water tanks and pipe work.

The four Q-ton’s are now operating independently feeding three separate zones in the hospital.

The comprehensive touch screen control panel enables selection of specific periods to store the necessary hot water to match the building demand. The DHW is mainly produced over night when the electricity is cheaper, driving down running costs.

The hospital is very pleased with the result as the whole system produces 26,800 litres of hot water per day at 65°C. This has allowed the hospital to deliver hot water at all times of the day when required.

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